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3 Platforms Swing Traders Must Join

Most busy professionals, individuals and students consider Swing trading a second source of income. Their busy lives aren’t designed to spend multiple hours during the day in front of the screen following trends, identifying patterns and trying to capture upswings. In fact, most Swing traders choose this particular trading style to accommodate their strenuous lifestyle. In their case, Swing trading is an excellent way to make money on the side without compromising your main source of income. 

With that in mind, Swing traders MUST stay updated with the market news, changes in trends and developments in stock prices. Even though Swing traders hold a position for more than one trading session, that doesn’t mean they should forget about it for the following days and rely on the existing charts. The stock market is affected by worldly news economic changes and experiences sudden rises and falls. Swing Traders have to ALWAYS stay up to date with both fundamental and technical analysis to maintain consistent results. Here are some ways to stay informed to better your stock market trading outcomes.

1. Swing Trading Chat Room

A great way to get alerts and guidance on price targets, stops and exits is by joining a Swing Trading Chat Room. Traders from all over the world log in every day to discuss trading ideas, exchange news updates and share different strategies. With Spartan Swing Trading’s Chat Room, you get the added benefit of having a moderator giving you firsthand experience of professional trading setups. Our expert moderators will take you through their trading game plan, share their thoughts and actions and discuss the effects of updates on the market. 

Spartan Trading’s Swing Trading Program gives you private access to our moderators, where you can discuss your trading game plan, receive advice on stock and Options swing ideas and explore short-term and long-term ideas. Our expert coaches are available 24 hours a day, making sure to answer all your questions and inquiries whether the market is open or closed. By joining the Swing Trading Program, you will quickly learn to become an independent trader and invest in trading confidently. 

2. Educational Webinars

For a more personalized educational experience to Swing trading, we would recommend registering with our Webinars and Educational subscriptions. This is a customized, one-on-one service where you will not only learn what specific tools and strategies are best suited for your daily trades; you will learn how our professional team of coaches and moderators trades. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced webinars designed to provide you with endless educational resources that cover all trade types. By working one-on-one with our experienced coaches, you will be able to implement your custom build a risk-to-reward trading plan and gain consistent results throughout your portfolio. Read more about our moderators and request the trainer best suited for your trading style. 

3. Newswire 

It is important for Swing traders to have access to real-time newswire that offers fast and credible information. To be able to have a successful trading plan, you must increase your market knowledge and make informed decisions before stock price changes. Spark Newswire is a simple, fast and easy-to-use live market newswire service. Swing traders can filter the news by keyword, news category or stock tickers! This is a handy feature for you only to track what news and updates are essential without having to dig through countless pieces of information that may or may not be helpful to you. You can check out how world-class traders use Spark Newswire here

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Swing trading is all about having the right tools, information and guidance to reach your goals. Join Spartan’s Swing Trading Program to join a community of professional traders, experienced coaches and 24-hour advice to help you maintain your outcomes. 

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