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Spartan Trading

Spartan Trading Inc. is an Online Stock and Option Idea Generation Service which focuses not only on providing actionable ideas and high probability setups but offers Education every step of the way. Our goal is to help our clients shorten their learning curve within the market. We accomplish this by providing guidance and one-on-one coaching through Webinar & Live Audio Education as opportunities in the market present themselves. With over 100 years combined experience within Hedge Funds and Financial Institutions, our team of professional coaches and traders help build powerful independent traders.
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Our Mission

“At Spartan Trading it is our goal to create independent traders while helping them build their accounts through live guidance, education and support within and outside of market hours.”

Our Team

Our Team has multiple years of experience in a wide variety of financial fields, statistical analysis and professional development. It is through this experience that we are proud to help New, Intermediate & Advanced Traders earn while they learn.


Technical Trading Expert

Spartan (aka “Chris”) is a Technical Trading Expert with 10 Years Trading Experience, 7 Years in Finance and numerous degrees / certificates in Finance. Spartan focuses on using technical analysis coupled with macro and new driver strategy to find and execute trades robotically.

Spartan trades both stock and options where he has developed and used various trading systems with high probability. These strategies are focused on controlling risk and reward ratios to ensure profitability. Spartan is a specialist in finding the Alpha and High Reward Setup using technical and PR signals – both inside and outside of market hours.

As the Founder and Head Moderator at SpartanTrading.com Spartan works with both new and experienced traders in helping them manage their risk/reward and take their trading career to the next level.

Technical Analysis & Trading Expert 0
Stock & Options 0
Newswire Reactive Trader 0
Earnings & Swing Trading Professional 0

Options Momma

Options Trading Veteran & Macro Expert

Options Momma (aka “Beth S”) is an Options Trader and Finance Veteran with nearly 4 decades of experience working within various financial institutions and investment firms. Managing her own advisory service before it was purchased by a hedge fund, Beth became not only the first to trade quote crosses in North America she was also one of the first female FOREX managers in the United States. After leaving the fund as the head technical analyst, Beth began developing the usage of options as a vehicle to trade stocks, ETF’s and commodities which she has continued to pursue for the past 15 years. It is through Beth’s extensive experience working within numerous sectors of the financial industry that has allowed her to not only scope out challenging but highly profitable opportunities within the market but react to news and other macro events instantaneously – helping guide her students on a path to success, regardless of their tenure.

Options Flow & Arbitrage Opportunities 0
Technical Analysis & Fibonacci Trader 0
Newswire Interpretation & Analysis 0
Currency, Commodities & EFT's Trading using Options 0

South Beach

Macro Expert. Technical Expert.

South Beach (aka “Steve A”) is a Hedge Fund trader with 40 years of experience trading options, equities and convertible bonds – virtually trading every product on every exchange using numerous front ends. Previously managing a large hedge fund, Steve was in charge of trading both the risk arbitrage book as well as options arbitrage book. Due to Steve’s tremendous success he was asked to manage the Hedge Fund trading desk where he was in charge of toe hold positions (often in excess of 5% of the outstanding stock; usually followed with a 13d, hedging risk by analysing the macro landscape and using options to reduce exposure). Steve also has extensive experience in working with private wealthy investors, investing their money using numerous trading vehicles, spread out over various time frames and has had his positions cleared with all major clearing houses. Steve is intimately aware of the inner workings of all ends of the business and looks forward to helping his students take their trading to the next level.

Macro Analysis Expert 0
Alpha Generation & Creation 0
Newswire Interpretation & Reaction on a Macro Level 0
Industry & Sympathy Play Arbitrage Opportunities 0

Ready to Earn while you Learn?

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The Live Chatroom is designed for the Active Trader and Day Trader. Join a community of professional and intelligent traders that hold ethics, ongoing education and improvement to the highest standard.

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