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The Path To Independent Stock Trading: Webinars

Stock trading courses are an excellent way to help you learn all the intricacies of Swing, Day and Options Trading. Joining an online class is exceptionally beneficial for those starting their educational journey into stock trading or looking to develop and enhance strategies and setups to reach their desired profit. However, stock trading is best taught on a practical basis rather than theoretical learning. Since the stock market experiences unique changes daily, you have to learn to read the charts, understand the changes and apply different strategies on a practical level.

Spartan Trading provides one of the very few educational courses that are theoretical AND practical. Our Webinars not only introduce you to the theoretical world of trading and expose you to reliable educational resources, but they are also designed to present you with specific tools and strategies used in daily trading stocks that are only applicable to you and your trading style. Read on to learn how our Webinars help you find the necessary information to better understand trading and learn techniques and strategies that develop your niche trading skills.

Choose Your Coach

Our three head moderators run Spartan Trading Webinars with a combined 80 years of experience in the world of trading. Our Webinars will provide you with educational resources such as one-on-one coaching sessions with our head moderators as well as continuous guidance throughout your trading day. Whether you’re interested in Day Trading, Swing Trading or Options Trading, we have the coach for you.

Our Team Of Experts:


The Founder and Head Moderator, Spartan, has more than ten years of trading experience with numerous degrees and certificates in Finance. Spartan is our Technical Trading Expert who will coach you to maximize your trading outcome, master how technicals are used to reduce your risks, increase your reward, and provide the best methodology for entering, adding, and exiting trades. Spartan’s Webinars are best suited for beginner to mid-level traders looking to start their Day trading and Swing trading educational journey.

Options Momma

Our Options Trader and Finance Veteran, Options Momma, is the first female FOREX manager in the United States. With nearly four decades of financial investment experience, Options Momma teaches how to scope out challenging yet profitable opportunities while introducing you to different tools and strategies which can apply to your trading style. Options Momma’s Webinar is a great place to learn the factors that influence an option price, when to use options and which options make more sense.

South Beach

Our Macro Trading Expert, South Beach, has 40 years of experience in options, equities and convertible bonds. As a Hedge Funder Trader, South Beach has worked extensively with wealthy private investors to guide them through several trading opportunities. South Beach’s Webinar will give you immense insight into Macro Money Flow and Fundamentals.

Personalized Educational Resources

Traders have personalized setups, mindsets, and strategies to create their personalized professional trading style. Helping you develop and enhance your trading skills to become a successful and independent trader is what we aim for with our Webinars. It is essential for students in our Webinars to fully comprehend the reasoning behind every step our coaches take, which is why our experts focus on technical and fundamental standpoints and rely heavily on explaining the psychological aspect of stock trading.

During the Webinar, you will be taught how your coach has designed their system, why they use specific strategies and how they reduce their risks and increase their rewards. Our Webinars are designed to help you combine our expert setups with your own to create a unique trading system suitable for your goals. Having access to 24-hour trade support with our trading coach helps our clients shorten their learning curve with the market and have a successful start.

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