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What To Look For In A Discord Trading Room

The world of virtual trading floors has seen a lot of change in recent years, one being the growing number of platforms used to discuss stock movements and ongoing trends. Discord, which you might have heard of, is the most common online platform used nowadays for trading discussions. Initially, online gamers used Discord to communicate with friends, grow a gaming community, or find people with similar interests. With more than 100 million monthly active users, online traders have turned to Discord as their main communication platform for exchanging trading tips, growing a trading community and finding people who are also interested in trading. 

Spartan Trading provides 24/7 coaching support via Discord Trading Room, our primary live instant messaging tool that all of our members can access. We post daily trade ideas, trends and information for members to review and discuss with the community and professionals. The unique element of our online trading community is that our members have different skill levels! Whether you’re newly starting your trading career or looking to enhance your trading portfolio, you’ll find continual support from all our members. Spartan’s coaches and moderators ensure that all information posted on our Discord Trading Room is credible and educational, so you don’t have to worry about verifying every detail you read in our chat room. Here are a few reasons why our Discord Trading Chat Room is THE platform for you. 

Real-Time Trading

Unfortunately, a trading strategy that worked yesterday is not guaranteed to work today. Most trading rooms only provide a summary of the day’s market, and you’re left trying to decipher the trends and results all on your own. Learning what to look for before buying and identifying signs to sell is only possible during real-time trading rooms, which is why Spartan’s Discord Day Trading Room is live from 8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. EST, Monday to Friday. You will have access to all our coaches’ live video streamings through Zoom and be able to identify and discuss different trading strategies and trends via our Discord Chat Room. Since every coach has a unique trading methodology, you will be exposed to various trading strategies and techniques you can learn from. 

Game Planning

Building a game plan depends on statistics, technical analysis, trends and strategies from past trading days. Joining our Discord Trading Rooms will help you develop your game plan with daily trade ideas and identify stock patterns. You will learn how to gather data, assess the market, understand the appreciation and depreciation trends of stocks and how to decide your next day’s game plan. Our experienced coaches will also help you with live charted pre-market ideas to guide you throughout the trading day. Spartan, Options Momma and South Beach will review your game plan and provide you with resources to track your trades, calculate your risk reward and create a custom risk profile. We understand that your game plan is unique to your trading style, which is why we provide you with all the necessary educational resources to help you design the best game plan for you.

After-Hours Support

Your education does not end when the market closes; in fact, we encourage you to utilize this time to dig deeper into the charts. As a beginner, identifying trends and setups can take some time to master; you might even need to go back to the recordings to brush up on these points. Spartan Trading has ensured that if you have any questions throughout the day, our team of moderators and coaches will support you all day long with any questions you have. Spartan’s community is also built on continuous education, and our members will eagerly provide guidance and help to one another from the support the moderators give outside of market hours. You will also have access to exclusive market news and discounts with our weekly newsletter subscription to help you prepare for tomorrow’s trading day.

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