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Learn to Trade Masterclass

Learn How to Become a Stock Trader
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Personal Coaching & Mentorship Course

We have brought together the best stock trading courses – because you deserve the best. Surround yourself with success and gain insights from a group that helps traders achieve trading goals. With 100+ years of collective experience from Hedge Funds and Financial Institutions, we help take your trades to the next level.
With Spartan Trading’s Masterclass Day Trading Programs,  you’ll not only discover how our expert moderators trade but also gain insights into what specific tools and strategies you can implement daily to generate consistency.

Mentorship Testimonial

Meet Spartan Trading’s Mentorship Student Elena!
Elena was an experienced trader but she struggled with consistency. Following COVID, she was not sure if she would continue with trading until she started working with Spartan. Utilizing Spartan’s coaching and trading methodology she was able to take her trading to the next level (over $1M in profit to be exact).
Working with Spartan, Elena was able to help her reach her goal of $4,000 profit a day, increasing it to $10,000 a day and then $20,000 a day. Elena has recently surpassed the $1M profit level, making over $1.2M in less then 11 months!!!
Since working with Spartan, Elena has been able to increase her bottom line to over 533% a month and continues to use Spartan’s Masterclass sessions as a way to focus and receive additional insights and frequent reminders of strategies to apply when trading.

Customised Technical Analysis

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Webinars

Endless Resources

Live Webinars & Past Recordings

All Trade Types Covered

Long Stocks, Short Stocks, Options Calls, Puts & Multiple Other Strategies

What’s Included In Stock Trading Courses?


Let us help you get rid of your head trash. Your chosen Trade Coach will provide you with multiple tools on how to learn to trade stocks outside the market, including our proprietary Accountability Workbook. Learn how to use a custom journal specifically designed to help you discover your trade niche, actual r/r and uncover and address what is standing in your way for consistent success.

Past Recorded Webinars

The stock trading courses provide instant access to hours and hours of past recorded webinars, training sessions, relevant and current articles. 24/7.

Personalized Trading Masterclass Plan

Your chosen Trade Coach will design a Custom Built ``Risk-to-Reward`` Trading Plan for your Account & Style - helping bring you one step closer to consistent results.

Trade Support

Your chosen Trade Coach will provide you with a Trading Checklist for Entries, Holding, Scaling Out and Exists - all while providing as needed support on daily trades outside market hours.

Different Trainers = Different Lessons

Choose Your Trade Strategy:

Trading Charts & Setups

Maximize trading outcomes. Learn and understand how Spartan sets up his chart and uses multiple time frames to find trading setups, reduce risk and improve conviction while in a trade.

Leverage Options

Discover the advantages of leverage options and how to use them effectively. With Spartan’s trading masterclass, we will teach you how to navigate the risk-reward dynamics of options in high-volatility trading and turn them into valuable assets for your trading success.

Swings & Options

Learn how to pick swing trades using options, allowing you to free up capital but not miss a great risk to reward setup. Spartan stock trading courses will also cover how to prepare yourself for the next trading day by discussing how to find stocks with high probability setups for larger moves over the next few trading sessions. He will also cover where specifically to set alerts and targets on these charts so the trades are not missed.


Technical Trading Expert

Reduce Risk. Increase Reward.

Master how technicals can be used to reduce risk and increase reward by providing the best method for entering, adding and exiting trades. With Spartan’s trading mentorship programs, learn how to find price targets when in trades and specifically why these targets are chosen.

Market Approach

Master the technical patterns Spartan utilizes for both long and short positions. We will help you cover high-probability patterns, including identification cues, entry points, position scaling, and profit-taking strategies.

Understand Technicals Intraday

Get a clear understanding of how to use technicals Intraday to find trades that have high probability setups and positive reward-to-risk ranges.You will discover the setups Spartan specifically looks for intraday on both the long and short side with small, mid and large cap stocks. Spartan will also cover his method for trading SPY options intraday.

Parabolic Moves

Discover Spartans technical strategy for trading parabolic moves and learn how to become a stock trader. Spartan has a technical process predicting where these moves will stop and reverse so you can trade the reversals successfully.

Low Floats

Understand how to trade Low Floats better by using technicals to provide better entries, targets and exits to reduce risk and maximize reward. Spartan will provide a daily list of low-float stocks that we review for potential setups.

Pre-Market Plan

Learn how to build and trade your own Pre-Market Plan. Spartan will explain the process for sifting through morning news and selecting the ideas he prioritizes for immediate action. Spartan will discuss how he filters through the morning news and picks which ideas he will focus on out the gate. Spartan will show how to recognize the technical opportunities presented by each stock in regards to their range, resistance, support and volume and how to trade them once the market opens. Gap-up and Gap-downs are covered extensively.

Learn To Trade Stocks with Spartan

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Technical Trading, Equity & Options Trading Masterclass

Weekly Coaching, Live Classes, 12-24 Weeks of Day Trading Discord & Swing Trading Chatroom + Over 300 Hours of Past Recordings, Resources! Price Shown as Pre-Paid.

Not all Trading Mentorship Programs are Created Equal.

Learn How To Become a Trader from the Industry’s Best.

Big Picture Commodities

Learn what factors matter when trading Commodities not as a Day Trade but rather as big picture moves & gain insight into how Momma uses Options when Trading Commodities.

Options Trading

Learn basic definitions for Options Trading and discover how to use basic Option Strategies (Calls / Puts / Straddle / Strangle / Vertical Calls / Vertical Puts / Covered Calls)

Scanners & Tools

Find our which Scanners and Tools Momma uses for Options Trading and what can be done with that information. Learn the factors to consider when using Options during earnings season and when to make your nightly predictions.

Options Momma

Options Veteran & Macro Expert

Options Pricing

Become a trader in Options. Learn what factors influence an option price, when and when not to use options and which options make the most sense.

Implied Volatility

Learn how to use Implied Volatility to your advantage and discover how to use Options w / Alerts or Intraday Play that Arise from the Mods.

Hedge Positions & Market Prep

Learn how to Hedge an Underlying Position and when to lift it off. Discover the technical and market info Momma uses to come up with her live calls and what can be done every day to prepare your Trading Plan on the Markets and Commodities.


Learn how to trade stocks using past data cycles in a sector or industry to increase the probability of accurate forecasting the next cycle.

Market Insight

Discover who Momma follows and gains insight from when it comes to the markets. Follow the right people and get relevant information so you can make more accurate trades.

Swing Trades

Get an inside look at the decision process Momma goes through for Swing Trades. Understand what Momma does that enables her to stay in Swing Trades for Weeks or Months.

Options Strategies Masterclass

Learn to Trade Options & Work One-on-One with Options Momma

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Weekly Coaching, Live Classes, 12 Weeks of Day Trading Discord & Swing Trading Chatroom + Over 300 Hours of Past Recordings, Resources.

Hedging Strategies Webinar

Learn to Short, Medium & Long Term Hedging Strategies

Sign up Today for $297
Exclusive 2 Hour Event with Momma (aka the Queen of Delta)
– Learn the function of hedging and explore the tools available to hedge one’s portfolio
– Examine Momma’s own portfoloio hedges and learn why each strategy was chosen
– Learn why Risk / Reward is no longer directional when hedging
– And much, much more

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Frequently Asked Questions

What topics are generally covered in stock trading courses?

At Spartan Trading, participants can get to learn a wide range of topics related to day trading strategies and techniques. Here’s a breakdown of the key areas that will be addressed:

  • Setting Up Charts and Multiple Time Frames
  • Technical Patterns for Market Approach
  • Thorough Guidance on Intraday Technicals
  • Pre-Market Planning
  • Proper Strategy for Trading Parabolic Moves
  • Swing Trading and low Float Stocks

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Can I get a personalized trading plan?

Yes. Your selected Trade Coach at Spartan will create a personalized “Risk-to-Reward” Trading Plan tailored to your trading style and account. This will assist you in moving closer to achieving consistent trading outcomes. Your assigned Trade Coach will also help you determine the most suitable investment strategies, asset allocation, and risk management techniques to achieve your financial objectives.

What is the average cost of joining the Trading Masterclass?

The Masterclass offers two payment options:

  • 24-week access for $1,249.25 per month.
  • 12-week access for $1,665.66 per month.

The price includes technical trading, equity, and options trading Masterclass with weekly coaching and live classes. To know more, get in touch with our team today.

Who are the mentors and instructors behind the Learn to Trade Masterclass?

The Masterclass is led by a team of experienced trading professionals with a collective wealth of knowledge and expertise. Our mentors and instructors are seasoned in trading hedge funds and other financial products. Gain marketing insights from over 100 years of combined experience.

Are there different levels or programs available for traders with varying experience levels?

Yes, we offer stock market courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced traders. Whether you’re just starting or looking to upgrade your trading skills, there’s a program tailored to your needs.

How soon can I start earning after the trading course?

The timeline for when you can start earning money depends on several factors, including what you learned, trading strategy, risk tolerance, and market conditions. However, Spartan Trading prioritizes a thorough trading education in our mentorship programs that helps them maintain a trading journal to monitor their progress. Although, it takes 3 months – 1 year to get proficient in this area. 

What resources are available with Trade Masterclass?

Join the Masterclass and access a wide range of trading resources, including

  • live webinars
  • past recording libraries
  • technical analysis tools, and
  • trading strategies.
What sets the Trade Masterclass apart from other trading education programs?

Trade Masterclass provides comprehensive stock trading courses, personalized coaching, and access to a vibrant trading community. Our mentors’ proven track records and the success stories is a testament to the effectiveness of our programs. Enroll and take the first step towards becoming an independent trader.