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Hedging Strategies Webinar Program

  /  Hedging Strategies Webinar Program

Hedging Strategies Webinar Program

Learn Short, Medium & Long Term Hedging Strategies

EXCLUSIVE 2 HOUR EVENT WITH MOMMA (aka. The Queen of Delta).

What’s covered during this session:

– Learn the function of hedging and explore the tools available to hedge one’s portfolio.
– Explore various market variables and risk factors, using best practices to adjust strategy accordingly.
– Learn why Risk / Reward is no longer directional when hedging and how to calculate exposure risk.
– Explore the differences between sector, equity, interest and commodity risk and when it should be considered.
– Examine Momma’s own portfolio hedges, and learn why each strategy was chosen.
– Gain a better understanding of earning cycles, sector rotation and technical extensions and how they can be used to determine when hedging should be considered.
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