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Swing Trading Packages for Busy Professionals

Swing trading relies heavily on fundamental analysis as well as technical analysis, two traits any great trader must master. It is essential to build your daily game plan based on evaluating investments, identifying historical patterns and understanding the stock company’s financial position. 

Our Swing Trading Program tackles all essential aspects of Swing trading, giving you the necessary tools and educational resources to start your trading day confidently. Not only do our experts start the trading day with you discussing trends, ideas and strategies, but they are also available after-market hours for any questions or inquiries after the market closes. Read on to discover some features your typical trading day will include when you join Spartan’s Swing Trading Program:

1. Idea Generation

Our coaches start the trading day by generating ideas for both Stock and Options, sharing market updates and giving insight into why specific setups and tools are used. Each of our members has access to daily live guidance to learn about the different strategies our moderators will use during the day. This is a great learning opportunity for all our members to gain insight into the following:

  • Who our coaches follow
  • What information to look for
  • How they reach a decisions 
  • Which strategy would be best 

Before the market opens, you will have learned all the factors our experts use to build their game plan. 

2. Live Guidance

Spartan’s professional traders provide live guidance so you can track the steps taken and follow the outcomes reached from the game plan discussed beforehand. You will learn how our expert moderators use basic Options strategies, such as calls, puts, straddle and strangle, and the result of each plan of action. You will learn the reasoning behind every step the moderator takes and what tools and scanners were used to obtain that information. Our experts will highlight how the fundamental and technical analysis have helped their decision-making with different Stocks and Options. 

3. Private Q&A Chat

Wondering if an idea you have is best suited for short-term or long-term trading? Our Swing Trading Program offers you a private question-and-answer chat room where you’re free to ask our team of professionals for guidance on your game plan and any questions that pop up throughout the day. Our expert moderators will go through several price targets, different stops and various exits during the live stream; if you happen to have any questions regarding their decisions, you can reach out to them using the private Q&A chatroom. If perhaps, you need guidance with your game plan, or you’re looking for more clarification with a specific action in mind, our team will answer all your inquiries live through our Discord chat.

4. 24-hour Support

Our coaching does not end when the market closes; Spartan’s experts are available all day long to assist and guide you. We offer 24-hour real support through our Discord room to ensure that guidance is available for all our members whenever they need it. We understand that Swing traders are usually busy individuals with different times of availability, which is why we have professionals available for constant guidance 24 hours a day.

5. Access to Spark Newswire

Every member gets free one-month access to Spark Newswire, where you will have access to news as it comes out in real-time. You can sort your news by Analyst Calls, After Market News or even Small Cap News. With access to Spark Newswire, you will increase your market knowledge to help you make informed decisions before price changes.

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