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Insight Into Swing Trading

Swing trading is a trading style based on profiting off changing trends in price action over short periods of time. Professional swing traders use technical and fundamental indicators to identify patterns and potentially determine short-term trends. In order to be able to capture the upswings and downswings in stock prices, you will need to have in-depth insight into market trends, access to credible information and the ability to identify what factors influence a stock price.

Spartan Trading’s Swing Trading Program will provide you with all the tools you need to command the trading market. Our coaches will help you discover your niche trade, coach you to learn different patterns and provide you with the guidance that enables you to identify different trends in the market. Read on to learn how to become your own independent, professional trader with our Swing Trading Program.

Meet The Expert:

Spartan, Options veteran and Macro expert, is our head Swing moderator who will pave your way into becoming an independent, successful Swing trader. With decades of experience working with financial institutions and investment firms, Spartan has extensive experience scoping out challenging yet profitable opportunities. You will see firsthand Spartan’s ability to react to news and other macro events instantaneously through our daily live stream of Swing trading. Spartan is an expert in Options Flow, Technical Analysis, Fibonacci Trader and more! Our Swing program will guarantee you learn everything you need to know about Swing Trading.

Educational Resources:

Spartan’s Swing Trading Program is designed to provide Swing traders with ideas for both Stock and Options trading. You will learn the basic definitions for Options trading, discover how to use basic Options strategies and how apply these strategies in your daily Swing trading sessions. We also encourage you to discuss new ideas with our moderators as they will happily give you feedback on your game plan, provide you with valuable updates and help you enhance your strategy.

Trading Game Plan:

Most Swing traders try to implement several strategies to increase their gains and lower their losses without risking a lot; however, that concept does not exist in Swing trading. The element of risk will always be a factor in trading, but Spartan Trading’s program will teach you how to manage and control your risk without suffering extreme loss. Our moderators will present you with Price Targets, Stop Areas and Technical Analysis to help you build a risk-to-reward trading strategy and develop a trading style to give you more consistent results.

Live Guidance

Every day our moderators stream their Swing sessions through Zoom and provide you with a Private Q&A live chat. You will be able to closely monitor each step our expert takes and discover the different tools and scanners used for Options trading. Our experts will guide you on using the information acquired and what factors they consider when using Options during earnings season. As you log in to the daily live stream, you will witness the outcomes of the expert’s nightly predictions and identify patterns to forecast the next cycle accurately.

All Day Guidance

At Spartan Trading, we understand that Swing traders are mostly busy students or professional individuals who use trading as a second source of income. Most of our Swing trading students are unavailable for daily trading sessions. With that in mind, we have a team of moderators inside and outside market hours available to answer all your questions and provide you with the necessary information you may need through Discord Chats.

Sign Up Today!

Join our Swing Trading Program to start your Swing trading education. Check out our one-on-one Webinars for personalized educational resources to match your pace and learning style. If you’re wondering where to start, contact our team and explore your options.

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