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Spartan Trading is the Real Deal

My last trading group I’ll ever join. In my week trial I returned an overall gain percentage of around 230% on my portfolio. It isn’t about the plays, it’s about the knowledge. There is so much to learn watching an experienced trader going at what they do best. They lay out all the education and plays, it’s just up to you if you want to take it and change your life. My portfolio is rather small and I came in nervous that a lot of plays would cost too much personally, but definitely not the case. They offer a wide variety of plays that are very affordable. I’d like to thank the whole team, they have truly helped in a time of uncertainty and I would recommend them to any trader, experienced or inexperienced. This is the first group that I can write an admin about a question and not have to be embarrassed about it. They strive to help everybody. Also, you can sign up for personal calls to help you on an individual stand point!! Killer stuff. Keep it up guys you are absolutely changing lives, looking forward to learning more and seeing more 1000% returns!

Joseph Carranza
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This is Home

After trying many different chatrooms and trading services, this is the one I call home. It wasn't for me for a while until I really put in the time, that's when I took risk seriously and every call and level make so much sense from that point on. The style is very technical and no emotions, combine that with the right risk is a recipe for success imo. Technicals are no magic but Spartan is a magician as he's able to answer questions, place trades, provide market sentiments (priceless) at ease.I now use the room for scalp trading and glad to say I'm now profitable after 5 hard years. Cheers!

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Gained 75% of my 10K Account in 2 Weeks!

Joined Spartan's room two weeks ago (having previously been a member) after having a hiatus from trading due to life stuff.. Started with a 10k account on 10th Feb and currently on 22nd Feb have gained 75%... Never misses a play and a clear plan, life changing! Wouldn't want to be in any other room with the opportunity shouted out daily

William Hewitt
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2.5K into 300K in 56 Days!

Let me just say that Spartans guidance is unparalleled. Unmatched to anything I have ever seen or been a part of. His tech analysis and methods of wizardry are first rate. Him and his team are not only informative and thorough with the group but they are extremely successful and help you to be along the way. Believe the title or not but I turned 2.5k into over 300k in 56 days. I understand the conditions the market is in now, but coming from a somewhat novice trader I think that speaks volumes of his performance and trading service. First and probably last trading room I'll join!

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The Benchmark in Trading Rooms

Spartan Trading is by far the best trading room I've been a part of. I've been trading for 2 years, in Spartan's room for 3 months, and being able to watch someone like him trade live has drastically helped my own trading system. His premarket chat starts up an hour before market open where he goes over the setups for the day, support/resistance/pivot levels and lays out his trade plan. Then you get to see him follow that plan live throughout the day. It's really an amazing this to watch. Lotto Friday is something else. You'll have to join to see what Spartan can do. For me the best part is his nonsense style of teaching. He doesn't sugar coat anything. As he shouldn't. Trading isn't a game it's a job and should be treated that way. If your doing something wrong he will tell you but he also tells you how to correct it.

I read the negative review and don't agree with any portion of it. If you join Spartan and are serious about becoming a professional trader you'll see why.

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Sticking with Spartan Group

I'm sticking with Spartan Group, Spartans and his team are fully dedicated to making there subscribers money from the teaching to technical analysis to a full 8 hour stream calling out the market biggest movers for the day, they pinpoint the exact place were u need to be positioned to making money for that day. First group I've seen to hit 200%-2000% on options plays constantly, from my very first trade i was able to pay for my month subscription to the last on paying for more than 3 years of subscriptions($8600 profit from risking only $600) the longer you wait the more you miss out so join Spartan today!!

Jakeel Descartes
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Fantastic Trading Room

Fantastic trading room. I joined six months ago and its been an incredible and profitable learning experience since then.

Spartan Trading offers both swing and day trading and you eventually find your preference and niche. The moderators guide you through the day and offer a wealth of knowledge and idea generation. There's a library of trading webinars to guide you and Spartan makes himself available for one on one questions after hours - invaluable.

I looked at other trading rooms and this team is the real deal. Smart quality traders and genuine people. First class quality group - I would highly recommend .

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Spartan Trading is an Excellent Service

Spartan Trading is an excellent service whether you are looking at swing trading or day trading. There is also a tremendous educational element and the traders are always willing to help and want us to be successful. In additional to great trading calls and support, there is also an educational service with live webinars teaching trading skills. These are invaluable if you are serious about trading and making money. I’ve been with Spartan Trading for several months and it has been a great supplement income in retirement. I appreciate everything they do.

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Great Teaching

Great teaching, my account is consistently growing, I have learned so much Momma and Spartan are outstanding. Responds quick in live chat. They will help you build Risk Reward plan and how to build your account.

Srikanth Reddy
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Best Money I've Ever Spent

As a brand new trader I was warned that trading options was a losing proposition and any speculative or bias trading would result in me losing all my money. 3 months later, that came true. Then I found Spartan and his team. I learned so much from his intro course videos and live trading webinars. Spartan keeps it straight forward, trades with zero emotion and relies on his technical analysis setups to find effective trades. The chat room is a welcoming vibrant community of helpful members. My membership has paid off exponentially an I could not recommend Spartan and his team any more highly!

Carlos J
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I Will Just Say It How It Is

I will just say it how it is. I have been trading on and off for over 10 years. I have never been as profitable as I have been since I joined the Spartan team. The information is straight forward, it makes sense and at the end of every trading day, it makes me money. Listening to spartan live as I trade is just another level of professionalism. It feels like I am part of a real professional trading desk.

This place is a must for the trader that is ready to take a real step forward in their career.

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Why I Chose Spartan to be my Moderator

I'm a day trader for 5 years and I have been in many chat rooms...all that time I did't found the right moderator that can help me to stay on the green track... I'm in Spartan chat room more then a year and now I'm sure that he is the best moderator in the world! Because of him I become profitable and consistency trader!

Spartan is very talented, professional,experience, humble and patient guide and he is the only one that cause me to develop the right characteristics that a day trader must have! I highly recommend Spartan guidance for day trading and/or swing trading!

Ron Lebron
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Highly Recommend Signing Up Here

Highly recommend signing up here. Spartan is a great teacher and has great signals. I've been the most profitable with him!

Kevin Rashidi
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Worth Every Single Penny

If you're like me you probably wasted TONS on different chatrooms feeling Lucky (Hint hint). The bottom line, all of them are trash. I was extremely hesitant to join because I've been burned so badly that I was extremely hesitant to join so I gave the 1-week trial a shot. Man oh man was it worth it that I converted to the monthly. Spartan is so good that my next hesitation came with taking his class which I thought was a bit pricey at first. NOPE! Worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY and then some. Do you want to be like him? Or be 100% confident in staying in on a trade or knowing what a good exit it? Then do yourself a favour and spend that money on his class. It's worth its weight in GOLD. Trust me. I've been to so many webinars, seminars, etc.. Absolutely NOTHING compares to this. Nothing. Oh and the people that left the bad reviews? They're most likely the dummies who don't want to be put in the work. Do you want to be fed the fish or learn to fish for yourself? Buckle up, boys and girls. This is your last stop and truly it. Nothing else compares.

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Spartan Cares

I am just starting out as a full time trader but I have been a member of Spartan's community for over a year. Spartan is an amazing technician who is willing to share his trades and his system with members. Spartan goes above and beyond and enables members to communicate with him directly via Discord chat as well as live 1/1 sessions via Discord. I have never seen someone with so much patience to help individuals and an overall "Pay if Forward" mentality. He genuinely cares about his members and their performance. I am personally forever grateful for all of the coaching and mentoring Spartan has provided to me. I plan to be a Forever Member of this amazing community!!

Jon Finateri
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