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Joseph Carranza

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Spartan Trading is the Real Deal
My last trading group I’ll ever join. In my week trial I returned an overall gain percentage of around 230% on my portfolio. It isn’t about the plays, it’s about the knowledge. There is so much to learn watching an experienced trader going at what they do best. They lay out all the education and plays, it’s just up to you if you want to take it and change your life. My portfolio is rather small and I came in nervous that a lot of plays would cost too much personally, but definitely not the case. They offer a wide variety of plays that are very affordable. I’d like to thank the whole team, they have truly helped in a time of uncertainty and I would recommend them to any trader, experienced or inexperienced. This is the first group that I can write an admin about a question and not have to be embarrassed about it. They strive to help everybody. Also, you can sign up for personal calls to help you on an individual stand point!! Killer stuff. Keep it up guys you are absolutely changing lives, looking forward to learning more and seeing more 1000% returns!