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The Benchmark in Trading Rooms
Spartan Trading is by far the best trading room I've been a part of. I've been trading for 2 years, in Spartan's room for 3 months, and being able to watch someone like him trade live has drastically helped my own trading system. His premarket chat starts up an hour before market open where he goes over the setups for the day, support/resistance/pivot levels and lays out his trade plan. Then you get to see him follow that plan live throughout the day. It's really an amazing this to watch. Lotto Friday is something else. You'll have to join to see what Spartan can do. For me the best part is his nonsense style of teaching. He doesn't sugar coat anything. As he shouldn't. Trading isn't a game it's a job and should be treated that way. If your doing something wrong he will tell you but he also tells you how to correct it. I read the negative review and don't agree with any portion of it. If you join Spartan and are serious about becoming a professional trader you'll see why.

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