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Swing Trader’s No.1 Options Trading Room

Options trading requires accurate market insight, exposure to past data cycles and the understanding of factors that influence Options pricing. Unlike Day trading, Swing trading requires a lot of patience, in-depth interpretation of market news and the ability to carefully forecast the following cycle. If you’re not up to date with the market changes or unable to interpret appreciation and depreciation in previous cycles, you’ll have a difficult time reaching your desired profit. Joining a Swing trading chat room will provide you with the guidance and insight you need to establish a risk-to-reward trading strategy. 

Spartan Trading has designed the Swing Trading Ideas Program to provide you with new ideas, updated news, live guidance and strategies that ensure controlled risk in every trade idea presented. Our program has proven to be beneficial for new, mid-level and advanced Swing traders and here’s why:

1. Stock and Options Ideas

Various factors are at play when you’re planning your trading game plan, and our expert coaches are ready to provide you with Swing trading ideas for both Stock and Options. Our trading room teaches you the basic definitions for Options trading and how to use different Options strategies, such as naked call/put buying, debit and credit spreads. You will also learn the fundamental analysis behind buying calls on a stock and how to choose different indicators, depending on your trading style. Try our monthly membership to learn various short-term or long-term ideas.

2. Control Your Risk

Holding a position for a few hours can be stressful, let alone holding a position for several days. The fluctuation of the market can sometimes be unpredictable, resulting in taking huge risks with low rewards. It is not uncommon for risk to go hand in hand with Swing trading; however, the risk you take can be controlled. Our Options veteran, Spartan, helps design a custom build risk-to-reward trading plan suitable for your account and trading style. Maintaining consistent results is the goal we aim to achieve with all our members; there’s always going to be a risk; however, you can always manage and control your losses with Price Targets and Stop Areas. Learn how to maintain your losses by signing up for our Swing Trading Program today!

3. Use Past Data Cycles

It is crucial for every Swing trader to not only access past cycles in a sector or industry but also learn how to use data to accurately predict future cycles. As a member of the Swing Trading Program, you will learn firsthand from our expert coaches what to look for in past cycles, identifying recurring patterns and when Entries, Stops, Targets and Exits were successful during these cycles. Being able to interpret past cycles gives you an insight look at the possible decisions you can make in future cycles with similar traits; you will be able to identify trends to apply the custom-built risk-to-reward trading plan confidently. 

4. Outside Market Assistance

Signing up to our Swing Trading Program will provide you with Stock and Options ideas, weekly market updates, daily live guidance and one month’s access to Spark’s Newswire. Trying to digest all the information you receive during the day may be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re balancing a full-time job with your trading career. You have access to our moderators both inside and outside market hours for guidance with your game plans, ideas, strategies, or simply to answer any inquiries you may have during your trading day. Our coaches and moderators are available to educate and guide you in your trading journey.

Ready To Start?

Spartan Trading’s Swing Trading Program offers three plans you can choose from. You can also contact our team to help you decide which plan suits you best.