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cobra trading review

Cobra Trading Review: All You Need to Know

The growth of the financial market underscores the need for a reliable online day trading platform. Cobra Trading has become popular among day traders looking to expand their trading accounts and maximize profits. Known for its responsive customer service and unparalleled support, the platform offers a robust suite of trading tools and market data that cater to elite and competitive day traders.

Spartan Trading, an online stock and options idea generation service, understands the importance of reliable trading platforms. We recognize the value of responsive support teams and robust trading tools in supporting our traders’ success. Our team provides actionable ideas for options, futures, and ETFs, making it a valuable resource for traders at all levels.

From our careful observation and analysis, we’ve compiled this guide to explore Cobra Trading in depth. We cover the top trading tools, pricing plans, pros and cons, and user reviews. We’ll also compare this trading platform with other online brokers. Afterward, you’ll have a deep understanding of this platform and how to leverage its tools for options and futures trading.

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What Is Cobra Trading?

what is cobra trading?

Cobra Trading is a brokerage firm that provides advanced trading platforms and exceptional customer service to professional and active traders. Established in 2004, it focuses on delivering fast and efficient trading experiences with robust tools and responsive support for traders looking to capitalize on aggressive strategies.

Platform’s Tools and Features 

Cobra Trading offers a suite of advanced features designed to meet the needs of active and professional traders. Here are the top tools and features of the platform to execute aggressive strategies efficiently:

  • Advanced Trading Tools: The platform provides Cobra TraderPro, a powerful platform for elite traders. This platform includes advanced charting, real-time data, and customizable layouts to enhance trading strategies.
  • Direct Market Access: Traders using Cobra Trading benefit from direct market access, ensuring faster and more precise trade execution. This feature lets traders connect directly to market centers and trading venues, minimizing latency.
  • Customer Support: The platform provides exceptional customer service. Their support team offers personalized assistance, which can be a secret weapon for traders needing quick resolutions to issues.
  • Clearing Firm: It uses Wedbush Securities as its primary clearing firm. This partnership ensures secure and reliable clearing services for all transactions.
  • Additional Coverage: Customers enjoy SIPC coverage for up to $500,000, including $250,000 for cash claims. Additional insurance from Lloyd’s of London covers up to $25,000,000 in securities, providing extra protection for large accounts.
  • Educational Resources: It offers educational resources and market insights. These tools help traders stay informed about market trends and enhance their trading skills.
  • Interactive Brokers: Through a partnership with Interactive Brokers, Cobra Trading provides access to additional trading instruments, including forex and futures, from a single account.

The firm’s commitment to high-quality customer service and security makes it a top contender among brokerage services. Whether you are an elite trader or new to the trading world, they offer the resources and support to help you succeed.

Different Cobra Trading Platforms

different cobra trading platforms

Cobra Trading offers several powerful trading platforms designed for active traders. These platforms cater to various trading styles and needs, ensuring a robust experience. Here are the three main trading platforms:

1. Cobra Trader Pro

Cobra Trader Pro offers a comprehensive platform for active equity and options traders. Users can access real-time market data and advanced order routing, ensuring swift and precise trades. The platform supports multiple account management, making it ideal for traders with diverse portfolios.

Here are the platform’s advanced features:

cobra trading pro advanced features
  • Real-Time Market Data: Stay updated with the latest market movements.
  • Advanced Order Types: Execute complex trading strategies with ease.
  • Customizable Interface: Tailor the platform to your trading style.
  • Hotkey Capabilities: Enhance trading speed and efficiency.
  • Direct Market Access: Ensure fast order execution.

The platform supports a high level of customization, enabling traders to create a personalized trading environment. It integrates seamlessly with other trading tools, making it versatile for various strategies.

2. Pro Das Trader

Pro Das Trader caters to professional traders with its sophisticated tools and functionalities. This platform integrates powerful analytics, allowing traders to make informed decisions quickly. It also supports basket trading, enabling multiple securities to be traded simultaneously.

Here are a few of its advanced features include:

pro das trader advanced features
  • Real-Time Analytics: Access comprehensive market analysis tools.
  • Basket Trading: Manage multiple trades efficiently.
  • Advanced Charting: Utilize detailed charts for technical analysis.
  • Multi-Account Management: Handle multiple trading accounts seamlessly.
  • Direct Access Order Routing: Ensure quick and accurate trade executions.

This platform supports multiple monitors, giving traders a comprehensive market view. Its detailed charting capabilities and market news integration make it a strong choice for informed decision-making.

3. Pro Sterling Trader Pro

pro sterling trader pro advanced features

Pro Sterling Trader Pro provides a feature-rich environment for equity and options trading. The platform’s customizable interface and powerful performance tools make it a top choice for traders seeking flexibility and precision.

Here are some of its advanced features:

  • Level 2 Market Data: Get in-depth market insights.
  • Portfolio Management: Optimize your trading strategies.
  • Basket Trading: Execute multiple trades simultaneously.
  • Hotkeys and Custom Alerts: Enhance trading efficiency.
  • News and Stock Watch Lists: Stay informed about market developments.

The platform’s advanced charting and customizable hotkeys enhance trading efficiency. Its robust execution tools and extensive market data support traders in making timely and informed decisions.

Cobra Trading Pricing Plans

Cobra Trading offers competitive pricing plans designed for active traders. Understanding the costs can help you make informed decisions and maximize your profits.

Equities (per share) 

  • $0.0015 per share for 10M to 20M shares monthly.
  • $0.00175 per share for 5M to 10M shares monthly.
  • $0.002 per share for 1M to 5M shares monthly.
  • $0.0025 per share for 500K to 1M shares monthly.
  • $0.00275 per share for 100K to 500K shares monthly.
  • $0.003 per share for 0 to 100K shares monthly.

Options (per contract)

  • $0.30 per contract for 10,000+ contracts.
  • $0.40 per contract for 2,001 to 10,000 contracts monthly.
  • $0.50 per contract for 0 to 2,000 contracts monthly.

Pros and Cons of Cobra Trading

Cobra Trading caters to active equity and options traders, offering sophisticated tools and unparalleled support. This trading platform presents a mix of advantages and drawbacks. Understanding these can help traders decide if it’s aligned with their needs and goals.

Pros of Using Cobra Trading

pros of using cobra trading

Cobra Trading offers numerous benefits for traders. The platform aims to enhance the trading experience through various features tailored to active traders.

  • Excellent Margin Rates: It provides some of the most competitive margin rates in the industry. Lower margin rates mean traders can leverage their positions more effectively, potentially increasing profits.
  • Discounts for Active Traders: Active traders receive significant commission discounts. It rewards frequent trading with reduced fees, making it a cost-effective option for those who trade regularly.
  • Maker-Taker Fees: The platform implements a maker-taker fee structure. This structure encourages liquidity by offering rebates to traders who provide liquidity and charging those who take it. Traders can benefit from this by reducing their overall trading costs.
  • Several Customer Service Channels: Whether via phone, email, or live chat, they ensure traders get assistance promptly and efficiently with their active customer support.
  • Direct Market Access: Cobra Trading provides direct market access (DMA), allowing traders to interact directly with market exchanges. This feature ensures faster trade execution and greater control over trading strategies.

Cons of Using Cobra Trading

cons of using cobra trading

Despite its many advantages, Cobra Trading also has several limitations. Potential users should be aware of these cons before committing to the platform.

  • No Foreign Stocks: The platform focuses exclusively on the U.S. markets. Traders looking to diversify with international stocks will need to look elsewhere. This limitation can restrict the portfolio diversification options for some traders.
  • Not a $0 Commission Broker: Unlike many modern brokers, it does not offer zero-commission trades. While it provides value through its other features, traders must account for commission costs, which can add up over time.
  • Large Deposits Required to Open an Account: Opening an account with the platform requires a significant initial deposit. This high barrier to entry may deter new or smaller investors from using the platform.
  • No Mobile App: Cobra Trading lacks a dedicated mobile app. Since mobile trading is becoming the norm, traders might look for alternatives to manage their portfolios.
  • Steep Software Fees: The platform charges high fees for its advanced trading software. These fees can be expensive, especially for traders who do not trade in high volumes. This can make it less appealing to those who seek a cost-effective trading solution.

Cobra Trading: Reviews and Recommendations

Cobra Trading reviews receive praise for its advanced platform and excellent customer service. Users enjoy the quick execution speeds and comprehensive trading tools, making it a top choice for active traders. Its multiple platform options, such as Cobra Trader and Pro Sterling Trader Pro, offer flexibility coupled with transparent pricing and a clear commission structure. Its user-friendly interface and responsive support team enhance the overall experience.

Some users find Cobra Trading complex for beginners, requiring time to learn. Despite this, experienced traders highlight the platform’s reliability and efficiency. The integration with third-party tools and educational resources helps new users navigate its complexity. While the platform excels in many areas, users should consider their experience level before choosing it.

Cobra Trading Alternatives

While Cobra Trading offers robust trading services, exploring other platforms can provide a broader perspective and better suit your needs. Here are three alternatives worth considering, each with unique features and offerings catering to various trading preferences and styles.

1. RoboForex – Best for Advanced Trading Tools

roboforex homepage

RoboForex is one of the top financial brokers, excelling with its trading arsenal and asset palette. Very few competitors can outcompete RoboForex in terms of the range and versatility of its trading instruments and technologies. The broker mainly specializes in tools to enable intricate strategies and high-frequency trading.

Their rare combination of MetaTrader platforms and R StocksTrader afforded the broker unique functionality, including integrated copy and algorithmic trading. From this perspective, this broker is ideal for novice and experienced traders.

Notable Features of Using RoboForex

  • Advanced Trading Platforms: RoboForex offers MetaTrader 4 and 5, known for their robust charting and analytical tools, and the R StocksTrader, which provides a seamless trading experience across various devices.
  • Diverse Asset Classes: Clients can trade a wide range of assets, including forex, commodities, stocks, and ETFs, allowing for diversified investment portfolios.
  • Copy Trading: Through CopyFX (RoboForex’s copy trading platform), users can automatically replicate the trades of experienced traders. This is ideal for those looking to learn or diversify their trading strategies.
  • Educational Resources: With a wealth of learning materials, webinars, and tutorials, RoboForex is committed to enhancing the knowledge and skills of its clients, catering to both beginners and professionals.

RoboForex Pricing Plans

RoboForex maintains transparent pricing with competitive spreads and no hidden charges. Specific details on their various account types and features are directly accessible by contacting them, ensuring that potential clients can make informed decisions tailored to their trading needs.

RoboForex mainly benefits individuals and businesses engaged in day trading and portfolio management. Their comprehensive tools and platforms are especially advantageous for finance professionals who require precise and versatile trading capabilities.

2. Tickeron – Best for AI-Enhanced Trading Strategies

tickeron homepage

Tickeron excels in integrating artificial intelligence with trading tools and is thus an excellent choice for investors who want to follow AI-led trading strategies. It offers investors real-time predictive analysis and automated trading solutions that enable them to make the most of their investments.

Tickeron is distinguished by its trading robots and trend prediction engines guided by strong AI algorithms. This tool provides real-time market analysis and trading suggestions, which few platforms can replicate. Tickeron’s exclusive algorithms can dissect and understand a large amount of information, allowing them to identify profitable trading opportunities in seconds.

Notable Features of Using Tickeron

  • AI Trend Predictions: Tickeron’s AI algorithms analyze market trends and generate reliable trading signals, helping users anticipate market movements.
  • Real-Time Trading Robots: These robots offer automated trading based on sophisticated AI analysis, ideal for those who prefer hands-off trading.
  • Extensive Educational Resources: Tickeron provides a comprehensive learning center with tutorials, webinars, and 1-on-1 lessons for beginners and experienced traders.
  • Community and Support: Users can join various trader clubs and participate in discussions, sharing insights and trading strategies with peers.

Tickeron Pricing Plans

Tickeron offers tiered pricing plans catering to different trading experiences and investment levels:

  • Beginner Plan: Tickeron’s entry-level offering provides free access to the platform’s tools and resources.
  • Intermediate One Plan: For $90 per month, Tickeron’s Intermediate One Plan offers enhanced features and tools suitable for traders or investors at an intermediate skill level.
  • Intermediate Two Plan: Tickeron’s Intermediate Two Plan, priced at $145 monthly, provides a comprehensive suite of advanced tools and analytics tailored for experienced traders and investors.

Most beneficial for day and swing traders who use technical analysis, Tickeron sits as a go-to tool. Their tools are also highly advantageous for independent retail investors looking for robust, AI-driven trading strategies to enhance their decision-making processes.

3. Moomoo – Best for DIY Investment Portfolio

moomoo homepage

Moomoo empowers investors to craft and manage their diversified portfolios without management fees. They specialize in offering a user-friendly platform that integrates all tools necessary for effective self-directed investing across various global markets and asset classes.

Moomoo has an innovative “Smartsave” feature within the Moomoo Cash Plus service, which allows for potential passive income through the automatic investment of idle funds. This feature, combined with its robust investment community and professional-grade tools, positions Moomoo uniquely in the market.

Notable Features of Using Moomoo

  • Zero Commission Trading: Moomoo offers zero commission on US and SG stocks and ETFs for Singapore residents, making trading more accessible and cost-effective.
  • Advanced Technical Tools: The platform features over 63 technical indicators and 38 drawing tools, supporting detailed market analysis and trading strategy development.
  • Real-Time Data and Alerts: Traders benefit from real-time quotes, level 2 market data, and AI-driven alerts, ensuring they are always aware of market changes and opportunities.
  • Educational Resources: Moomoo provides a comprehensive educational hub with webinars, articles, and tutorials to help users enhance their trading knowledge and skills.

Moomoo Pricing Plans

Moomoo is transparent about its pricing and provides detailed information on its website. For detailed pricing structures, including exceptions and terms, visit the Moomoo website or contact customer service directly.

Moomoo is particularly beneficial for retail investors and day traders who appreciate a hands-on approach to managing their investments. Its extensive tools and zero-commission model make it attractive to those looking to maximize their investment returns without excessive fees.

Key Takeaway

Cobra Trading offers robust tools and platforms catering to novice and experienced traders. The platform provides access to advanced options trading and long-term investment ideas. Users can enhance their trading portfolios with various strategies and resources, making it a versatile choice for different trading needs. The platform’s comprehensive features support informed decision-making, helping traders identify profitable opportunities.

Understanding how to use the best day trading strategies becomes essential when considering a stock trading course. Cobra Trading supports traders with educational resources and expert recommendations, helping them navigate the complexities of the stock market. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced trader, the right education can significantly impact your success, allowing you to make informed decisions and maximize profits.Ready to take your trading to the next level? Spartan Trading will guide you through every step with tools for every trader. Gain free access to exclusive event access, promotions, weekly stock picks, and market outlook. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed and enhance your trading experience.