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Live Trading Room: Day Trading and Swing Trading

If you’re looking to buy and sell stocks over the course of 24 hours without carrying any open positions to the next day, then you’re looking for Day Trading. If you’re looking to invest for more extended periods, then Swing Trading would be the better option for you. The kind of trading most suitable for you will significantly depend on how many hours you can spend a day trading. Ideally, Swing Trading is for the busy student or professional who cannot spend several hours in a day trading and would rather hold their position for multiple days instead. 

As a Swing or Day trader, you will need to find a suitable live trading chat room to understand the market, follow trends and stay updated with news events that might affect the market. Your daily updates can come from newswire, fellow traders and live trading chat rooms. You will get insight into the developments within the market, current news and price changes when joining a trading room; however, the information presented in most rooms is not enough for you to tackle the world of trading independently. Here is how Spartan’s Trading Chat Room will help optimize your trading skills AND coach you to become a successful independent trader. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Watching pre-recorded videos and reading past trading techniques will give you an abundance of insight, but it’s not enough to help you advance in your trading career. Trading is solely based on learning how to apply the information at hand and using it to develop your own niche trading strategy. With Spartan’s Trading Room, you will receive alerts of updates changes in trends and learn how to apply this knowledge in your daily trades. Our moderators offer both live chats and live streams every weekday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m to help you develop and practice your strategy. As a member of Spartan’s Live Trading Room, you will learn technical trading, idea generation and action plan creation with the help of our experienced coaches guiding you every step of the way. 

Technical Analysis 

Every move you make in Day or Swing trading has to be meticulously studied and analyzed, which is why Spartan’s Trading Rooms provide technical analysis both pre-market and intraday. Spartan’s expert moderators offer you thorough explanations and ideas on where to buy, sell, price targets and stops, paving the way for you to invest your money confidently as an independent trader. Before the market opens, you will learn all about Macro and Micro Breakdown and create an action plan suitable for your style. Intraday, you will be getting guidance on your trade pre-market ideas, feedback on your current setup, and learning how to upgrade it for better results. Our live trading room gives you the tools to trade confidently. 

Outside Market Support

Not many live trading rooms would continue to coach you after the market closes, but Spartan Trading Room does. You can reach our moderators 24 hours a day through Discord chat to request support or enquire about any questions. We also provide free calls with our coaches so you can learn more about game planning strategies and generate ideas for tomorrow’s trades. Outside market hours support allows you to dig deeper into your personalized trading style, ask questions that apply to your strategy and work with the moderators to enhance your game plan. Our goal is to create space for you to grow and develop into an independent trader with skills to invest confidently. 

Become A Spartan! 

Join our Daily Trading Room or Swing Trading Program and become your own Spartan! Our one-on-one Webinars create personalized educational resources to match your pace and learning style. If you’re wondering where to start, contact our team and explore your options.