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$CRSP 38 Range break on the daily setup for the next leg higher. Above EMA and trend support. Downtrend broken and confirmed.Alert: Bid> 38 $PVTL 21.15 if the area that needs to break for the range and downtrend break on the daily. This level is able to break and confirm we have room towards the 22 area

$STMP watching for a reversal off the lows if we can break and hold the 85.55 level. Ema support will be reclaimed and we will be ready for the next leg up.Alert: Bid>85.55Options Note: Weekly 90c  $NXPI Looking for continuation above the 95 area, if we break and hold this range we will have room to push

$TWTR Worth watching the dt break for a lotto play long, room towards the 34 range on the break and hold of 33 resistance. Alert: Bid>33Options Note: 33-33.5 Lotto Calls$SHAK Watching for cont tomorrow and a lotto play long IF we can break hold 57.5.Alert: Bid>57.5Options Note: 58 lotto calls$ROKU 64.87 breaks to the upside we

$AWSM Spec Play to the long side if it can break the 3.5 range to the upside Alert: Bid>3.5 $WGO Nice dt break setup on the daily for cont on the upside if we can break and confirm the hold of the 50 EMA. Alert: Bid>30.41 $TMSR Spec play long above 2.3 if we can break and hold the 50

$SAIC Watching the range break to the upside on the daily. 74 area breaks and holds we can see continuation into the 76.1 level short termAlert: Bid>74Equity Focus$BZUN Watching the flag break to upside on the daily at the 38 level. This breaks and holds we can see cont towards the 40 mark. Nice flag break

$SEEL Watching the 3.26 area of res to the upside on this intra-flag range break. If this level breaks we can see short term cont into the 4.21 res on the upside.Alert: Bid>3.26Equity Focus$FB Watching the 166.3 range to the upside, if we can break over this daily dt and ema res we should see cont

$DPLO Watching the reclaim of the ema support at 6.35 for cont higher back into the 7's will be a grinder off the lows imoAlert: Bid>6.35$MKSI Looking for cont higher into the 95 area short term, if this level breaks we should see the next leg up into the 100 levelAlert: Bid>93Options Note: April 18 100

$BRS Watching the break of the 1.55 level for cont higher into the 2.2 area. IMO will be a grinder to the upside. Great risk to reward here. Alert: Bid>1.55Equity Focus $CGC Watching the break of the 48.18 level for cont into the 49-50 level this week. Must break and holdAlert: Bid>48.18Options Note: 49 weekly calls $AYX

$CHAP small one, ww the range break off the bottom at the 5.9 mark, room to push into the 50ema and start a reversal imo. Confirmation is key.Alert: Bid>5.9Equity Focus$ITRM Watching the 7.19 range break to the upside, IF we can hold above this level will be looking for cont into the 8 levelAlert: Bid.7.33Equity Focus$AMD

$FTK Watching the range break to the upside at 3.48 for cont into the 4+ level. Nice looking daily but must break and confirm.Alert: Bid> 3.48 $MTCH Big flag setup on the daily. Looking for cont higher above today's highs if we are able to break and hold over the 56.25 resistanceAlert: Bid>56.25Options Note: April 18 $60