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Side Charts – March 26, 2019

$SEEL Watching the 3.26 area of res to the upside on this intra-flag range break. If this level breaks we can see short term cont into the 4.21 res on the upside.
Alert: Bid>3.26
Equity Focus

$FB Watching the 166.3 range to the upside, if we can break over this daily dt and ema res we should see cont back into the 170 area.
Alert: Bid>166.3
Options Note: 170 weekly calls

$TPNL Watching the dt break and confirmation on the daily. 7.82 breaks we should have room to recent range highs.
Alert: Bid>7.82
Equity Focus

$YRD Watching the downtrend break and hold over 13.32 range for cont back towards the recent range highs.
Alert: Bid>13.32
Options Note: April 18 15 calls

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