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Side Charts – March 21, 2019

$BRS Watching the break of the 1.55 level for cont higher into the 2.2 area. IMO will be a grinder to the upside. Great risk to reward here. 
Alert: Bid>1.55
Equity Focus

$CGC Watching the break of the 48.18 level for cont into the 49-50 level this week. Must break and hold
Alert: Bid>48.18
Options Note: 49 weekly calls

$AYX Watching the break of the 81.77 area for cont into the 85 level. Big breakout to all time highs.
Alert: Bid>81.77
Options Note: April 18 85-90 calls

$NFLX Watching the hold of the 374 level for cont and next leg up into the 383-385 level. Confirmation on the hold will be huge, patience waiting!
Alert: Bid>375
Options Note: Weekly 385 calls

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