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Side Charts – March 1, 2019

$SIG Watch the break of the 28.48 for cont towards the 50 EMA magnet, nice one to look for a cont grind on the option side.
Alert: Bid>28.48
Options Note: 28.5 lotto calls

$CGC Flag test on the daily setup to break, must confirm the break before going long. Room imo towards the 50 level on the breakout and hold
Alert: Bid>48.2
Options Note: March 08 50 calls

$PTCT Head and shoulder break setup on the daily, looking for room to cont towards the 38 level on the break of the 35.62 mark
Alert: Bid>35.62
Equity Focus

$PTLA Flag breakout setup on the daily above the 31.2 level, watch for con through recent highs
Alert: Bid>31.2
Equity Focus

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