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March 2019

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$TWTR Worth watching the dt break for a lotto play long, room towards the 34 range on the break and hold of 33 resistance. Alert: Bid>33Options Note: 33-33.5 Lotto Calls$SHAK Watching for cont tomorrow and a lotto play long IF we can break hold 57.5.Alert: Bid>57.5Options Note: 58 lotto calls$ROKU 64.87 breaks to the upside we

$AWSM Spec Play to the long side if it can break the 3.5 range to the upside Alert: Bid>3.5 $WGO Nice dt break setup on the daily for cont on the upside if we can break and confirm the hold of the 50 EMA. Alert: Bid>30.41 $TMSR Spec play long above 2.3 if we can break and hold the 50

$SAIC Watching the range break to the upside on the daily. 74 area breaks and holds we can see continuation into the 76.1 level short termAlert: Bid>74Equity Focus$BZUN Watching the flag break to upside on the daily at the 38 level. This breaks and holds we can see cont towards the 40 mark. Nice flag break

$SEEL Watching the 3.26 area of res to the upside on this intra-flag range break. If this level breaks we can see short term cont into the 4.21 res on the upside.Alert: Bid>3.26Equity Focus$FB Watching the 166.3 range to the upside, if we can break over this daily dt and ema res we should see cont

$DPLO Watching the reclaim of the ema support at 6.35 for cont higher back into the 7's will be a grinder off the lows imoAlert: Bid>6.35$MKSI Looking for cont higher into the 95 area short term, if this level breaks we should see the next leg up into the 100 levelAlert: Bid>93Options Note: April 18 100

$BRS Watching the break of the 1.55 level for cont higher into the 2.2 area. IMO will be a grinder to the upside. Great risk to reward here. Alert: Bid>1.55Equity Focus $CGC Watching the break of the 48.18 level for cont into the 49-50 level this week. Must break and holdAlert: Bid>48.18Options Note: 49 weekly calls $AYX

$CHAP small one, ww the range break off the bottom at the 5.9 mark, room to push into the 50ema and start a reversal imo. Confirmation is key.Alert: Bid>5.9Equity Focus$ITRM Watching the 7.19 range break to the upside, IF we can hold above this level will be looking for cont into the 8 levelAlert: Bid.7.33Equity Focus$AMD

$FTK Watching the range break to the upside at 3.48 for cont into the 4+ level. Nice looking daily but must break and confirm.Alert: Bid> 3.48 $MTCH Big flag setup on the daily. Looking for cont higher above today's highs if we are able to break and hold over the 56.25 resistanceAlert: Bid>56.25Options Note: April 18 $60

$MYOK Worth watching the 55 break on the daily to the upside, will have room towards the 60 level.Alert: Bid>55Options Note: Weekly 55 Calls $ICPT Nice range break setup on the daily to the upside IF we can get above the 111.31 level and hold. Alert: Bid>111.31Options Note: April 18 120c $GWRE Great looking daily, IF we can break the 94.66

$CVS watching the break and hold of the EMA support for cont push to the upside into the 58.8 level. 56.67 will be the key.Alert: Bid>56.67Weekly 57-58 call  $AARY Watching the range break and hold to the upside on the daily and weekly for the next leg up. Room towards the 26+ mark on the extension. Alert: Bid>23.95Options